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Release: Light And Shadow!

Ahoy matey! I hope y’all are ready because today is the day!
We’re releasing the second edition of Light And Shadow today! Still the same awesome story, but without the spelling mistakes! And we’ve given it a new pretty cover too!

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Release: Licht En Schaduw!

Schip ahoy, maatjes! Ik hoop dat jullie er klaar voor zijn, want vandaag is het dé dag!
We verwelkomen namelijk de Nederlandstalige versie van ‘Light And Shadow’ in ons gamma, en hij heeft de zeer originele titel ‘Licht En Schaduw’ meegekregen! 🙂

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Now on QuizUp!

In honor of the upcoming release of both the Dutch and English version of Light And Shadow we have created a “Peter The Pirate Cat” topic on Quizup!
Now you can challenge yourself and your friends in a fun little trivia game about Peter and his friends!

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Meet the Ninja Puppy, Nicky!

Want to know more about this awesome little puppy? We dive a bit into the person behind the puppy… Maybe you’ll learn something about Nicky you never knew before!

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Meet Peter, he’s a Pirate Cat!

We all know Peter is the main character in Light And Shadow, but what else do we know about him? Who are these Pirate Cats? Are they all as amazing as Peter?

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