Eurovision Semi 1 Score Sheet – now available for free!


Are you ready for the first #Eurovision semi final? If you haven’t printed out a score sheet yet, we have one available for free at so you can bring out your inner judge! Which, let’s be honest, is one of the most fun things to do when it comes to Eurovision! #freebie #esc #esc2019 #semi1 #score #scoresheet

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Morning coffee


I recently wrote a little Dutch poem for a contest Nespresso was doing on Facebook. So I thought, why not post it here too 🙂It was written in about five minutes, with the brief being ‘include Nespresso and don’t make it longer than 10 lines’. So here we go… Het ochtendgloren werpt alweer een blik.De slaap verworpen, en hier ben ik.Strompelend grommend naar beneden.De aandacht van de kat zeer mooi vermeden.Grijp, klik, druk, dat zoemend genot.Het perfecte tasje, geen...

A sneak peak into the future!


It has been quite a while since you've seen an update from us, and we'd like to fill you in on the 'why' exactly.
So here's a glimpse of the past months, a sneak peak into our future projects, and a special gift for our loyal fans!



Trainride is a little poem I wrote back in 2006 while I was sitting on the train. It reflects perfectly the mood I was in at that time, trying to (mentally) fight my way out of the downward spiral I was in at that time. I'm glad to report that life is great now :)
Will it win an awesome-poetry-price? No, of course not. But it's a little thingie I wrote... enjoy!

I Am What I Am


I Am What I Am is a little poem I wrote back in 2011 when I was challenged online to write a poem that personified you as the objects that surrounded you at that time.
Will it win an awesome-poetry-price? No, of course not. But it's a little thingie I wrote... enjoy!

Compassie #flp16


I have been selected as a member of the public jury for the #FintroLiteratuurPrijs 2016. As one of the 100 jury members it is my task to read the shortlist and share my opinion. Today I finished Compassie by Stephan Enter and I'd love to share my opinion with you. (Dutch post!)

The Cat Pirates Revenge


Blast from the past: After a random tweet, and in the spur of the moment, setting myself a time limit of 15 minutes, I created a wacky little short story about a Pirate Cat... This story is where my idea of a Pirate Cat that has adventures unfolded...

Now on QuizUp!


In honor of the upcoming release of both the Dutch and English version of Light And Shadow we have created a "Peter The Pirate Cat" topic on Quizup!
Now you can challenge yourself and your friends in a fun little trivia game about Peter and his friends!

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