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Hey everyone, Michiel here!
It has been quite a while since you’ve seen an update from us, and we’d like to fill you in on the ‘why’ exactly.

I have been a judge on the Fintro Literatuurprijs 2016 this summer, an award for Dutch literature.
This was a fun, albeit time consuming, thing to do. And I actually was able to be one of the few people on stage during the award ceremony – which was broadcasted on national television. So yay!
We also brought Light And Shadow to a local store, as a test to see how it would do in between the hordes of other children’s books.
Sadly the local store went out of business so our trial run didn’t tell us much. It told us one thing though… support your local bookshop! Because they do feel the wrath of the online mass-market. And who doesn’t love to get lost inside a local bookstore? So visit one of them soon! And support them, because they need you. They really do.

And that little glimpse of the past months brings us to the present!

For the moment we have 2 big projects running for ArsenicLime.
First, The Adventures Of Peter The Pirate Cat 2: The Slimoguins (working title).
Second, 5 Star Circus (working title).

The Slimoguins is the second adventure of Peter The Pirate Cat, and the sequel to Light And Shadow. We are currently still in the writing process, which is taking quite a bit of time for obvious reasons… like Light And Shadow this book will be released both in English and Dutch. The big storyline is pretty much done, but there’s still loads of rewriting and structuring to do.
It’s safe to say there is no date yet for its release, since we’re still in way too early a stage for a safe assessment regarding the date.

5 Star Circus on the other hand is a completely different product, it’s a board game!
This has been created completely already, and is now in the process of being tested before actually making it ‘pretty’.
Like a true beta it consists of stickers on playing cards and printed out sketches of a board.
After we finish testing it we can start looking into refinement and hiring an artist to turn it into an actual board game anyone can play.
For this product as well, a release date has not been set. There is still too much work to be done before we can talk about bringing it to the masses.

For both projects we’re considering opening up a Kickstarter once they’ve progressed to a more final stage – I myself have backed way too many projects before that were actually too early into development and this just creates upset instead of joy. We obviously want to avoid similar feelings regarding our products. More on that in a future post!

As you can tell, we’re keeping ourselves pretty busy – especially considering we also have ‘normal jobs’ – but we haven’t forgotten you!

And we have a surprise! As a little early Christmas/Hanukkah gift we’d like to give you a sneak peak into ‘The Slimoguins’…
It’s a very rough draft of the beginning of the book so chances are the final version will not actually begin like this, but it’s a sneak peak!
Hope you enjoy!
Don’t hesitate to leave your comments on this post and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!
Stay awesome!

The SlimoguinsEnglishDutch (NL)
The Slimoguins is the working title of the second book in The Adventures Of Peter The Pirate Cat series.
Neither the contents nor the title of this book are final, and so please consider the upcoming content as such… a sneak preview – a glance at a work in progress – but certainly not a fully developed product. I’m pretty sure there are spelling and grammar errors to be found… Aren’t there?

Use the tabs to check out the English or Dutch preview!
Hope you enjoy!

It had been a week since Peter and Nicky made sure that Priska was driven off the Isle of Meow, and so the hordesĀ of Pirate Cats and Ninja Puppies started to pick up their lives again after leaving normality a week earlier to assist in Priska’s defeat.
It had been a life-changing week in which both species had had the chance to reconnect and create friendships out of their newly rewritten history.
It had also been a week since Nicky had found out he was never going to see his parents again.
While Peter said goodbye to some of his Pirate Cat friends, he saw Nicky, alone.
He sat there, on a rock staring over Lake Lorelai, quietly and on his own.
Peter had noticed Nicky’s solitude a few times already in the past week, and now that the calm seemed to return around them it seemed like the perfect moment to say something about it to his new best friend.
He walked slowly towards Nicky, coughing a bit as to warm Nicky that someone was coming his way.
“Everything alright, Nicky?”, Peter asked.
“Yeah…”, murmured Nicky.
“What are you thinking about pal, because I can see everything is not as alright as you hope I believe”.
Nicky looked at Peter for a second, and wondered what he had done to have such a friend by his side.
Peter always seemed to know what to say, what to do, and while Nicky looked at Peter a tear slowly rolled over his cheek.
“I miss them, Peter”. Nicky choked a bit.
“My parents are never coming back, and I haven’t even had the chance to say goodbye. The past week has been so fun, filled with friendship and warmt, with hope and joy, and I have gained so many new friends… but I can’t help but think about how much better it would have been if I had been able to share this week with them, you see?”
Peter nodded, and sat down next to Nicky on the rock. He took Nicky’s hand, looked at him, and didn’t say a word.
They sat like that until the sun had set, and it was all Nicky had needed from Peter at that moment.
He knew he wasn’t alone, he knew he had a friend he could trust. He knew he was going to be okay.
When the night fell both of them headed toward the cave where they, together with Faith, had stayed ever since the Day of Light.
“There you are!”, Faith shouted as they wiggled themselves into the narrow opening of the cave.
“I haven’t seen you guys all day. I’m so glad everyone is heading home again. Don’t get me wrong I loved having everyone around, especially in such joyous times, but I have been so used to the silence around me… I feel I don’t even remember what silence sounds like anymore! But how was your day? Where have you been? Am I talking too much again? Why does Nicky seem sad, Peter?”
While Faith was catching her breath Peter grabbed the opportunity to answer, before Faith started talking again. Clearly her new hobby now that she spent time above ground again.
“It’s been a tough day for Nicky, Faith. Let’s talk about it later. Nicky needs his rest. Shall we let him sleep?”
Nicky nodded, happy for the fact that he didn’t need to relive his memories of today again and was able to let the night fall over him. Faith smiled.
“Of course, go to bed Nicky, rest shall do you good.”
She winked at Peter and Peter winked back. Nicky wasn’t sure what to make of the winking but chose not to be bothered by it.
He crawled in a corner of the cave and whispered “goodnight”.
Het was een week geleden dat Peter en Nicky ervoor gezorgd hadden dat Priska verdreven werd van het eiland Meow, en stilletjes aan begonnen de toegestroomde Piraatkatten en Ninjapuppies hun gewone leventje weer op te nemen.
Het was een geweldige week geweest waarbij beide groepen elkaar weer leerden kennen en waarbij nieuwe vriendschappen het overnamen van oude vetes.
Het was ook iets meer dan een week geleden dat Nicky ontdekt had dat hij zijn ouders nooit meer zou zien.
Terwijl Peter afscheid nam van enkele van zijn Piraatkat-vrienden zag hij in de verte Nicky zitten.
Hij zat daar alleen, voor zich uit starend, op een rotsblok aan de voet van het Lorelai-meer.
Het was Peter al enkele keren de voorbije week opgevallen dat Nicky zich afzonderde, en nu de rust stilletjes terugkwam op het eiland leek het hem het perfecte moment om zijn nieuwe beste vriend even aan te spreken op zijn toch wel wat rare gedrag temidden de feestelijkheden na de Dag der Verlichting.
Hij wandelde voorzichtig op Nicky af en kuchte zachtjes, hem op de hoogte brengend dat hij niet langer alleen was.
“Alles goed, Nicky?”, vroeg Peter.
“Ja hoor”, aarzelde Nicky wat.
“Waar denk je aan, maatje, want ik zie aan je dat het heus niet zo goed met je gaat als je hoopt dat ik geloof”.
Nicky keek Peter even aan, en vroeg zich af waaraan hij Peters vriendschap verdiend had.
Peter wist altijd wat hij moest zeggen. En terwijl hij Peter aankeek rolde een traan zachtjes over zijn gezicht.
“Ik mis ze, Peter”. Nicky slikte even.
“Mijn ouders komen nooit meer terug, en ik heb niet eens afscheid kunnen nemen. En de voorbije week was zo leuk, vol warmte en vriendschap, en ik heb zoveel fijne nieuwe vriendschappen ontdekt, maar diep vanbinnen knaagt het gevoel dat dit nog zoveel keer fijner had geweest als ik het met hen had kunnen delen, snap je?”
Peter knikte, en zette zich naast Nicky op de rots. Hij nam Nicky’s hand, keek hem aan, en zweeg.
Zo zaten ze daar de rest van de dag, en meer had Nicky niet nodig.
Hij wist dat hij niet alleen was en dat hij een vriend had waar hij op kon bouwen.
Toen de nacht viel trokken beiden zich terug naar de grot waar ze sinds de Dag der Verlichting hun intrek hadden in genomen, samen met Faith.
“Daar zijn jullie!”, riep Faith zodra ze de twee door de smalle opening van de grot naar binnen zag kruipen.
“Ik heb jullie de hele dag niet gezien. Wat ben ik blij dat iedereen stilletjes aan weer naar huis gaat. Begrijp me niet verkeerd ik vind het fijn dat iedereen zo’n goede tijd heeft hier maar ik ben het zo gewoon geweest dat er enkel stilte om me heen was, nu weet ik nog amper hoe die stilte klinkt! Maar hoe was jullie dag? Waar zijn jullie geweest? Praat ik teveel? Waarom kijkt Nicky zo bedrukt, Peter?”
Terwijl Faith op adem kwam greep Peter de kans om te antwoorden, want sinds Faith weer bovengronds kwam stond haar spraakwaterval niet stil.
“Het was een moeilijke dag voor Nicky, Faith. Laat ons het er later over hebben. Nicky heeft zijn rust nodig. Zullen we hem laten slapen?”
Nicky knikte bevestigend, blij dat hij niet opnieuw zijn dag moest herbeleven en gewoon de nacht over zich kon laten komen. Faith glimlachte.
“Natuurlijk, ga maar naar bed Nicky, rust zal je goed doen.”
Ze knipoogde naar Peter en Peter knipoogde terug. Nicky wist niet goed wat dat knipogen te betekenen had maar wou er zich niet te druk in maken.
Hij kroop in een hoekje van de grot en mompelde “slaapwel”.

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