Sometimes I like to share little things with you. Stuff I once wrote. Short stories, poems,… Now is one of these times.

TrainrideĀ is a little poem I wrote back in 2006 while I was sitting on the train. It reflects perfectly the mood I was in at that time, trying to (mentally) fight my way out of the downward spiral I was in at that time. I’m glad to report that life is great now šŸ™‚
Will it win an awesome-poetry-price? No, of course not. But it’s a little thingie I wrote… enjoy!

Slowly moving scenery.

Books, lost and found.
Random Starbucks bill.
Virginia import.

The world on wheels.
Captured in a moment.
Remembered, by nobody.

Drive, train, drive.


Connection lost.

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By Michske86

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