I Am What I Am


Sometimes I like to share little things with you. Stuff I once wrote. Short stories, poems,… Now is one of these times.

I Am What I Am is a little poem I wrote back in 2011 (to be precise, it was August 17!) when I was challenged online to write a poem that personified you as the objects that surrounded you at that time.
I choose not to think about it too much, and wrote the following on a whim. Just letting the creative juices flow.
Will it win an awesome-poetry-price? No, of course not. But it’s a little thingie I wrote… enjoy!

I am what I am.

A book without cover.
Stories waiting to be told.

A mouth without lips.
Sounds waiting to be made.

A pair of glasses without frame.
Views waiting to be captured.

A flower without perfume.
Scents waiting to be sniffed.

A map without guidance.
Experiences waiting to be had.

A body without arms.
Hugs waiting to be given. 

I am what I am.

For I shall always be, just that.

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