Plan Ten From Outer Space


Sometimes I like to share little things with you. Stuff I once wrote. Short stories, poems,… Now is one of these times.

Plan Ten is a little poem I wrote back in 2011 (to be precise, it was August 17!) when I was challenged online to write a poem with the title “Plan Ten From Outer Space”.
I choose not to think about it too much, and wrote the following on a whim. Just letting the creative juices flow.
Will it win an awesome-poetry-price? No, of course not. But it’s a little thingie I wrote… enjoy!

Plan one had failed.
Hugging was not the answer.

Plan two never made the cut.
You just can’t make it happen with words.

Plan three was absurd.
Like anyone would fall for cardboard cupcakes.

Plan four just had everyone laughing.
As if someone would actually think about lights.

Plan five.
Well that never happened.

Plan six took off.
But crashed and burned like paper airplanes.

Plan seven had everyone shaking.
Thankfully someone turned off the power.

Plan eight threw us all off-guard.
Midgets don’t make everything better.

Plan nine is what they believe in now.
But I know better than those non-believers.

Plan ten is mine and totally rocks.
Cause aliens are always the way to go!

Bring on this movie,
give me the rights.

Move over, Spielbergho,
ET from Outer Space is back! 

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By Michske86

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