Release: Light And Shadow!


Ahoy matey! I hope y’all are ready because today is the day!
We’re releasing the second edition of Light And Shadow today! Still the same awesome story, but without the spelling mistakes! And we’ve given it a new pretty cover too!

Light And Shadow tells the tale of Peter The Pirate Cat, who is teaming up with his new friend Nicky on a quest to find Nicky’s parents.
Only thing is, Nicky isn’t a Pirate Cat… he’s a Ninja Puppy! And Ninja Puppies have been the mortal enemies of the Pirate Cats for ages!
Can Peter and Nicky put their differences aside? Can they actually work together? And what does Faith have to do with all of this?

From now on you can find out all about it by simply ordering your copy of the book in our webshop!
And for this second edition we’ve put out all the stops…
You can choose for a softcover edition, a hardcover edition, or even an .epub ebook edition if that’s what you’d like!
And all of that starting today!

Every book is graced with the awesome graphics Nanoeshka Vervoort drew, and they’re all printed in black and white so anyone who wants to can take their crayons and color these drawings to their liking!
And those who want to show off their works of art on social media… make sure to use the hashtag #ArsenicLime so we can share them with others!

And what to do after reading the book? Well, make sure to leave a review in the webshop! That way you can help out the others who still doubt between those softcovers and hardcovers… or was it the ebook we wanted to go for? So many options… what a delight!

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By Michske86

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