Meet the Ninja Puppy, Nicky!


So who are these Ninja Puppies?
Well, the Ninja Puppies are a special breed of dogs. They are pretty small, and that’s also why everyone keeps calling them puppies. 
They like martial arts a lot, even though they’re not that good at it since they’re dogs and all, and love running after throwing stars.
Those puppies really can keep themselves busy running around these stars, fetching them, and then throwing them away again.
And like everyone else, they have a history of their own.

The Ninja Puppies used to be enslaved by Eva, the Evil Goddess Of Shadows, and were forced to work on farms along with the Pirate Cats.
They used to be good friends, these two species. Until the day they decided to free themselves of Eva.
Now, they fight. Although Nicky might be the one to turn that all around.

Nicky went on vacation to the Isle of Meow along with his parents, where he lost both of them to the shadows.
After being totally devastated by his loss, he ends up befriending Peter and goes on a quest to avenge his parents.
Small detail; Peter is a Pirate Cat. Luckily for Nicky he turns out to be an awesome Pirate Cat and the two of them become best friends.

We get to know more of Nicky and the past of his ancestors in ‘Light And Shadow’, so if you’re curious… you know what to do!

You can find Nicky here:

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By Michske86

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