Meet Peter, he’s a Pirate Cat!


So what is a Pirate Cat?
Well, a Pirate Cat is a special race of cats. They’re kind of like pirates, and also cats.¬†
They have enormous ships that sail the seven seas on their hunt for treasure. They’re fond of all those shiny little objects, these rascals.
They also like to eat. A lot.
And like everyone else, they have a history of their own.

The Pirate Cats used to be enslaved by Eva, the Evil Goddess Of Shadows, and were forced to work on farms along with the Ninja Puppies.
They used to be good friends, these two species. Until the day they decided to free themselves of Eva.
Now, they fight. Although Peter might be the one to turn that all around.

Peter is a descendant of these famous Pirate Cats, and is one of the few real Pirate Cats alive nowadays.
He has however left his sense of adventure behind, and decided to spend the rest of his days on the Isle of Meow.
There he lives a peaceful life of his own, sleeping a lot, walking the shore, sleeping some more.
Peter is also Nicky‘s best friend, and Nicky… well, he’s a Ninja Puppy.

We get to know more of Peter and the past of his ancestors in ‘Light And Shadow’, so if you’re curious… you know what to do!

You can find Peter here:

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By Michske86

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